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Heartworm Help

The Heartworm Help program boosts the chance of adoption for dogs with heartworm by giving adopters a choice to either have the dog treated at the Animal Service Center at no cost or take the dog to a partner veterinarian, where ASF pays a portion of the treatment costs directly, reducing the cost of treatment to the adopter. The program ensures every homeless, heartworm-positive dog gets a second chance.

Animal Birth Control

The Animal Birth Control program focuses on reducing the number of unwanted puppies and kittens surrendered to the Shelter each year. The program provides vouchers for no-cost spay or neuter surgery, which are distributed through the Shelter as well as by city and county animal-control officers.

Community Cats

Are you being visited by one or more cats or kittens who don’t seem to have a home? 
Would you like to prevent the cats/kittens from breeding to prevent additional homeless cats and kittens?

The Animal Shelter Foundation is excited to provide this new program to help the endless cycle of breeding community cats. This special service is only for strays (friendly, homeless cats with no owner) or feral (free-roaming cats which you are unable to pet or handle) and want to help prevent further litters. The Spay/Neuter will include a rabies vaccine and ear tip at no cost to the Good Samaritan helping the cat. Loaner traps are also available (if you do not have one), for a small refundable deposit. Surgeries will be done at Tally Spay, our new Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Note: This program is limited to small numbers (7 or less) free roaming cats and not intended to be for managed colonies. 

To get started and borrow a humane trap from ASF, please complete this form and email it to: [email protected]

Email [email protected] for help and more information.

Thank you for participating in this lifesaving program for our Community Cats!


Through the Enrichment Program we are able to provide Kongs and other long lasting treats to keep the dogs busy while kenneled. We also provide leashes and collars for dog walking and treats and treat bags used for training. The cats are provided scratch pads and ping pong balls and other fun enrichment toys to keep them busy during their stay.

Doggie Manners Classes

ASF developed its Doggie Manners Classes to help keep adopted dogs in their homes by offering all adoptive families a low-cost basic dog training class. The classes teach the basic doggie manners needed to help keep shelter pups—and their owners—living happily together in their new homes. The cost is $50 and you can sign up for either the Tuesday or Thursday five week session held at 6:30pm at Camp Mojo’s.

Vet Care Program

The Vet Care program identifies animals in need and secures veterinary treatment, often at a reduced cost, from local veterinarians. The assistance ASF provides through the Vet Care program gets shelter pets healthy and ready for adoption into a forever home.


The canine HART program is a partnership between the Animal Service Center and Wakulla Correctional Institute (WCI) in Wakulla County. The program, which began in 2010, assists dogs with canine heartworm disease treatment and recovery to increase their adoptability. These dogs remain in the correctional institute for three months during their recovery and receive basic obedience training while they are there.

Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a holiday program that encourages animal lovers to make donations to benefit various ASF programs and ASC supplies, including formula for puppies and kittens, canned food, leashes, collars, carriers and toys.