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Tally Spay Naming Opportunities

Presenting the Tally Spay Capital Campaign, benefitting our new Tally Spay clinic. We invite you to celebrate your achievements or honor a beloved family member by naming an actual room or space in Tally Spay after a special person or pet. Naming a part of the clinic is a wonderful way to leave an enduring reminder of your generosity.

What is Tally Spay?

A state-of-the-art, low-cost spay/neuter clinic will also offer low cost vaccinations & diagnostic testing at time of surgery. Tally Spay will have modern cloud-based client booking, reminders, check-in and accounting, separate housing and entry for community cats to support local “trap, neuter, and release” programs in the community, and adherence to ASPCA’s Best Practices Gold Standard.

Tally Spay Vision

The aim of Tally Spay is to perform a high volume of sterilization surgeries to reduce the number of intakes at the animal shelter and reduce the number of unwanted animals in the community. We are a non-profit organization subsidized through low-cost surgery fees, specific grants, and the generosity of our donors.

Naming Opportunities

Each sponsored named space will feature a customized engraved metallic plaque with the donor’s (or honoree’s) name and date of sponsorship displayed prominently and permanently in the sponsored space.

  1. Client Entry / Lobby (Main Entrance) – $ 100,000
  2. Surgical Room – $ 50,000
  3. Preparation Room – $ 50,000
  4. Pack Room – $ 30,000
  5. Exam Room – $ 20,000
  6. Cat Holding Room – $ 25,000
  7. Feline Modular Custom Kennel Bank (2 available) – $ 10,000
  8. Dog Holding Room – $ 25,000
  9. Canine Modular Custom Kennel Bank (2 available) – $ 10,000
  10. Dog Run (4 available) – $ 5,000
  11. Kitty Cubbie (lobby holding area for incoming cats) – $ 25,000
  12. Community Cat Holding Room – $ 25,000
  13. Administrative Office – $ 20,000
  14. Veterinarian Office. – $ 20,000
  15. Staff Room – $ 20,000
  16. Laundry Room – $ 15,000
  17. Landscape Sponsor (4 available) – $ 4,000

Your donation is tax-deductible through the Animal Shelter Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


This is a special opportunity to be part of a new building that will serve animals and their families for many years to come. You may also use a naming opportunity to honor a pet, a family member, or a friend. All leadership funders are offered recognition, including naming rights for spaces within the building.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these naming opportunities, please contact Lauren Perlman at (850) 766-3750 or [email protected].