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This is Ollie, who came to the Tallahassee Animal Service Center on December 20, 2012, as an owner surrender.  He was about six months old and a bundle of energy.  While at the ASC, it was noticed he was favoring his back leg, and an X-ray revealed that Ollie had a detached patella (knee cap).  Dr. Hagood of North Florida Animal Hospital generously offered to help with Ollie’s surgery, with ASF covering the remainder of the costs.  After two pins and 8 weeks of rest (quite a challenge for this energetic pup), he was healed!  Thank you Dr. Hagood, you are amazing!

Lots of people were pulling for Ollie.  Following surgery he was cared for by staff at ASC, and then transferred to the Leon County Humane Society, where a foster stepped in to help with his continued recovery.  Last Hope Rescue introduced Ollie’s foster to Pet Paradise – where they gave Ollie the “Royal” treatment while recovering.  Nick, one of the many great people at Pet Paradise looking after Ollie, took it upon himself to teach Ollie “sit” and “down.”  Little did Nick know that Ollie had a secret plan to work his way into Nick’s heart.

Now, Ollie is in his forever home and gets to have lots of play/work days at Pet Paradise with his new dad Nick.  Through your generous support, Ollie’s is one of many success stories benefiting from our Vet Care Program.  We all love a happy ending!

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