Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Homeless Animals

How to Help: Animal Service Center

Animal Service Center

The Animal Shelter Foundation supports The Tallahassee-Animal Service Center in a variety of ways, including providing substantial support for its Foster Program. Many of the animals that come to the Shelter needing medical attention end up as fosters, being cared for by a loving volunteer on a short-term basis. These animals may need medication, surgery or other veterinary care that cannot be paid for the by Shelter.

ASF supports these animals and their foster parents by paying for their immediate medical needs.  Once they are healthy and full recovered, the animals are ready for their forever home. Some foster animals are simply tired of being in the kennel and blossom when in a home environment – this is also helps them transition to their adoptive home. Fosters will take in these animals and help prepare them for their new life in a loving home.

Our foster parents open their hearts and their homes to save the lives of animals in need. They play an irreplaceable (life saving) role in furthering ASF’s mission and vision.

Facts about the ASC Foster Program

  • Some animals require only a short-term commitment of a few weeks.
  • You may request to foster cats/kittens or dogs/puppies to fit your lifestyle.
  • Expenses for foster animals are covered by the shelter and ASF. Fosters have out-of-pocket expenses – food, formula, kitty litter and wire crates may be provided by the Shelter.
  • And, of course, significant medical needs are often covered by donations from ASF.

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