Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Homeless Animals

About Us: Overview

The  Animal Shelter Foundation (ASF) is a non-profit organization created by volunteers to support the animals in the care of  Tallahassee Animal Services, more commonly known as the Animal Shelter at Tom Brown Park.

The Shelter is an open admission facility which means that every animal is accepted and no animal is turned away.  In our community alone, over the past few years on average, 6,500 animals found their way to the shelter annually. Some were neglected or abandoned and others just no longer wanted. While several thousand animals are adopted each year, the reality is that there are simply more pets than homes, and thousands more are euthanized.  ASF provides resources to help more homeless animals find loving forever homes, supports community wide spay/ neuter efforts to help decrease unwanted animals that end up in the shelter and promotes kindness, respect and responsible pet ownership for our furry friends.

While many animals are healthy and ready for adoption, some are sick, injured or in need of special care that requires additional financial support.

That’s where we come in.

ASF is proud to support our community’s homeless animals and to supplement the Shelter’s veterinary team by funding procedures like x-rays and specialized surgeries. The Animal Shelter Foundation also funds the heartworm treatment for shelter dogs making them more adoptable. This was a driving factor in the creation of the Animal Shelter Foundation in 2007, and it continues to save the lives of hundreds of homeless dogs and cats every year.

Funding provided by the Animal Shelter Foundation is most often the only hope for a special needs homeless animal. But that is only part of the story. We also support programs that provide foster care for hurting or hard-to-match animals, educate residents about proper pet care the importance of spaying and neutering, and encourage the humane treatment of all animals.

We cannot solve the problem of too many sick and unwanted animals in our community by only paying for medicine. We must respect our animals as a community and aggressively pursue opportunities to educate pet owners about the impact of pet over-population.

The Animal Shelter Foundation is moving our community toward more responsible pet ownership, and we are grateful for the hundreds of individuals, families and businesses that partner with and support ASF to make this possible.

Active Board Members

Michael Davino, President

Lauren Perlman, Vice President

Vacant, Secretary

Paula Shirley, Treasurer

Erika Leckington, Shelter Director

Jon Edwards

Marcia Fenn

Cara Fowler

Emily Fuhrman

Sam Lamb

Susan Ludder

Kate MacFall

Claudia Machado

Jeff Nielsen

Joyce Phipps